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The proposed lecture courses will consist of five chapters followed by supplements. Part of the lecture material will be presented in Russian, and the other part in English. Short publications with the participation of the author will be added to the supplements. The list contents will be given at t…
Published: 08.10.2023
Catalog: Science 
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A review is given of our present knowledge of different parametrization of experimental results in inelastic scattering process with polarized proton beams. Spin observables in polarized proton reactions for a set of lightweight nuclei are studied at intermediate energies in the region of 100–500 MeV. Two important types of DWIA calculations are used in the analysis of experiments. Important spin observables representing the difference functions (P–Ay) and (P–Ay)σ are examined along with the polarization-transfer coefficients Dij in inelastic scattering of polarized protons. The indicated value of σ is the differential cross section. These spin observables are treated in the context of the exchange features of the effective interaction.
Catalog: Physics 
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Научные интересы лежат в области ядерных реакций, прежде всего неупругого рассеяния протонов, в первую очередь поляризованных.
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