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Author(s) of the publication: Ya. SIBIRTSEV

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At the end of 2003 in Moscow there was the seventh EXPOTSENTR exhibition under the title of "SCIENCE. RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS", The show featured some of the latest products and achievements by leading academic centers, research institutes, colleges and specialized firms and companies based on the results of their basic and applied research.

The collective display of the Russian Academy of Sciences featured a broad spectrum (of more than 50 original works) of achievements in instrument making. The RAS Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry named after V. Vernadsky, for example, displayed a high-precision coulomb-measuring unit PKU-03 for selective identification of the main components of a material in the conditions of radiochemical centers, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical plants and secondary reprocessing of precious metals. Also on display was an express-analyzer of the summary levels of organic pollutants in water and an automatic system of assessment of sorption processes in objects of the environment.

In the focus of attention was display of the RAS Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, especially their photocatalytic air cleaner from harmful organic pollutants of household, industrial and biological origin. The display also featured light guides with the effect of photoconversion; solid-electrolyte gas sensors and continuous or episodic control of toxic gas levels in the air, a differential calorimeter, etc.

The RAS Institute of Electro-organic Compounds named after A. Nesmeyanov demonstrated what they call energy-saving technology of production of macroporous sponges by way of the cryosynthesis of polymers which are used in biotechnology, medicine, food industry, etc. The display also features polymer self-lubricating construction or structural materials and instruments for element analysis of air, water and soil.

The RAS Institute of Biological Instrument Engineering (Pushchino, Moscow Region) demonstrated a set of energy-saving devices for the

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control of water-supply pumps of buildings; automatic regulators of AC drives UNIVERSAL which help maintain the preset technological parameters-pressure, temperature and rate of water delivery; a LADA module unit for reprocessing of carbon-containing raws using which it is possible to obtain 400 dollars worth of products from one ton of timber wastes.

Also on display was the PNEU-MOLUX unit for the conduct of biotechnological processes with the use of different microorganisms and tissue cultures from mineral and organic media, including those containing insoluble substances. The unit can also be used for growing biomass for biosynthesis and

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bio-transformation of biologically active substances and also for the biological destruction of toxic materials. Among its advantages is a high reproduction rate of the investigated processes and reduction of net cost of products.

The RAS Institute of Analytical Instrument Making (St. Petersburg) displayed a device for starting and observation in real time of polymerase chain reactions which helps detect DNA (RNA) in an investigated sample. The unit includes an HF thermostat (applicator), an optical set and software and makes it possible to measure the initial levels of DNA and RNA in various materials from single samples to 10 8 copies. It also makes it possible to produce qualitative assessment of the presence of a desired DNA in a concrete mass with the use of internal control; to identify in the course of a polymerase chain reaction four different types of DNA simultaneously. The device will come as an important aid to experts engaged in fundamental studies linked with the analysis of nucleic acids. And the unit can also find medical applications for diagnostics and treatment of a number of ailments, in food industry and agricultural production.

Institute specialists have also put on EXPOTSENTR display specialized mass- spectrometers of MTI-350 series for measuring the isotope composition of uranium and transuranium compounds and an analyzer of nucleic acids NANOFOR03-C.

Located next on the display were "products" of the RAS St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics named after B. Konstantinov. This included measuring holographic systems of sub-micron and sub-second accuracy, and next to them was the display of the RAS Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry named after I. Sechenov. It acquainted visitors with new multi-data methods of hydrolocation. One of the challenging new developments in that field belongs to the area of applied physiology and bionics and makes use of the echo-ranging talents of dolphins.

The EXPOTSENTR exhibition also featured new products and achievements of non- academic centers. The ASPECT R&D Center (Dubna, Moscow Region) demonstrated, for example, professional gear for radiation control by ecological labs, at organizations and plants of the Ministry of Atomic Industry, Ministry of Defense, the RF State Customs Committee, et al.

Also very impressive were the displays of the ZASHCHITA R&D Center. They featured a variety of radiornetric devices and instruments for control of physical factors-meters of parameters of electric, magnetic and electrostatic fields, air currents, industrial and other noses.

The list of the participants also included several foreign firms, including such giants as Tokyo Boeki (Japan), Carl Zeis, Shimadzu Deutschland (Germany), Khamamatsu Photonix (Sweden), etc.

In a word, the exhibition "Science. Research Instruments" has offered 1:0 Muscovites and guests of the Russian capital an exciting range of technical innovations. It provided an excellent opportunity for exchange of information among the participants, using unconventional forms of economic activities and for attracting investments into Russia's R&D complex.


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