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Настоящая статья посвящена важнейшей для средневекового мусульманского общества теме - политической власти. В мусульманской Испании (Андалусии), которая в рассматриваемый период (756 г. - конец XI в.) развивалась в условиях независимости, политическая влас…
5 hours ago
Как известно, малые этнические группы, дисперсно расселенные среди больших народов, фактически обречены на быструю или медленную ассимиляцию, особенно если группа уже утратила такие важные факторы, сохранявшие ее в течение длительного периода, как религия …
6 hours ago
On October 1, 1990, rebel groups calling themselves the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) moved from the country's southern regions to the northeast, capturing a tourist camp and police headquarters in Kab…
Keywords: energy infrastructure. Sub-Saharan Africa, sustainable development, hydro potential, alternative energy Ensuring access of the population to modern energy sources for African States remains …
2 days ago
2 days ago
Keywords: oriental studies, African studies, gender studies, gender inequality, gender balance, social emancipation, mixed marriages, violence, domestic violence, terrorism, conflict, family conflict,…
2 days ago
Introductory article, translation from ancient Greek and commentary by S. M. Perevalov (c)2001 FLAVII ARRIANI ACIES CONTRA ALANOS Greek military literature is poorly known here, primarily due to the …
4 days ago
Archbishop Athanasius of Alexandria went down in history as an outstanding church figure, and his name is associated with a tense and long struggle with Arianism on the most important trinitarian issu…
4 days ago
SYRIA AND the EAST (Russian version of the Cambridge Ancient History chapter) * This publication aims to introduce readers to the Russian original of the first part of the fifth chapter of the seventh…
4 days ago
Among the nearly nine thousand ostracos (potsherds preserved from the famous Athenian ostracophoria), found in the 1960s by German archaeologists on the outer Pottery and only now gradually introduced…
4 days ago
HOARD OF GOLD BOSPORAN STATERS OF THE II-III centuries AD FROM THE VILLAGE OF KAZANSKAYA * In 1972, a treasure trove of staters of the Bosporan kings Sauromat II (174-210/211) and Reskuporid III (211-…
4 days ago
On January 27-29, 1999, the Faculty of History of the Lomonosov Moscow State University hosted the "XI Sergeyev Readings" dedicated to the memory of a prominent Russian antiquarian, Professor B. S. Se…
4 days ago
The significance of mass actions in the political life of ancient Greece has been repeatedly discussed by historians. However, attention was paid primarily to the Hellenistic period, or it was about o…
4 days ago
Introduction, verse translation from Avestan and comments by I. M. Steblin-Kamensky "Lord, grant me a good thought" From Bedtime prayers: 1st Prayer, St. John Chrysostom, 4 a.m. "...The light of the r…
4 days ago
In Herodotus ' account of the Scythian invasion of Palestine, one can find echoes of three events of the seventh century BC: the existence of a threat "from the north" to the inhabitants of Syria and …
4 days ago
In 1996, the Derbent archaeological expedition of the Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography of the Dagestan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences conducted visual surveys of …
4 days ago
Igor Mikhailovich Diakonov, one of the world's largest and most authoritative experts on the ancient East, was born on January 12, 1915 (according to Novomustil) and died after a long serious illness …
4 days ago
The discussion on the pages of the "Bulletin of Ancient History" within the framework of the round table "Sarmatians in the first century AD: the latest discoveries" will touch upon a private but impo…
5 days ago
By the middle of the fourth century, monasticism had already established itself quite powerfully as a new phenomenon within the Church. At this time, the formation of the main forms of monastic life -…
5 days ago
Not so long ago, in an article devoted to new epigraphic materials from the Tauric Chersonesus, E. I. Solomonik published a photo of a fragment of marble page 112 plates with the remains of a badly da…
5 days ago
In southern Turkmenistan, at the foot of the Kopet Dag, a few kilometers from Ashgabat, the village of Bagir is located, and there are two ancient settlements-Old Nisa and New Nisa. Even before archae…
5 days ago
 Introductory article, translated from Coptic, notes and afterword by M. K. Trofimova (*) (c)2000г. Chapter 144 ..(after that they bring her (soul) to the rivers of fire and the seas of fire) and pu…
5 days ago
March 5, 2000 marks the 80th anniversary of Doctor of Philology, Professor Viktor Noyevich Yarkho , an outstanding scientist and teacher, whose works are widely known not only in all the republics of …
5 days ago
М: Муравей, 2004. 135 с. При всем обилии издающейся сегодня биографической литературы все же нечасто удается прочитать нечто такое, что не оставило бы равнодушным, чтобы чужая судьба, переживания, мысли и чувства героя нашли отклик в сердце. Одна из таких …
7 days ago
Конец XX века ознаменовался возникновением и развенчанием ряда мифов в экономической сфере. Среди таких мифов: спад в экономике Японии; повышение темпов экономического роста в ряде стран Азии, что вызвало к жизни большое количество теорий "азиатского чуда"…
7 days ago
М.: Восточный университет, 2004. 595 с. Выход в свет книги известного российского ученого-востоковеда В. А. Тюрина "История Индонезии" - событие не только в отечественном, но и мировом востоковедении. Существует обширная историография по Индонезии (за рубе…
8 days ago
Вскоре после создания в 1994 г. демократического правительства в ЮАР, по инициативе Института Африки северных стран (Nordiska Afrikainstitutet - NAI), расположенного в шведском городе Упсала, началось осуществление проекта публикации цикла трудов по связям…
8 days ago
Keywords: South Africa, litvaki, photography, Nelson Mandela, Eli Weinberg The wave of emigration of Litvaks 1 to South Africa (now South Africa) began at the end of the 19th century, for several reas…
9 days ago
Keywords: Rwanda, genocide, historical memory, international forums In 2014 Rwanda has celebrated an important historical milestone: the 20th anniversary of the Tutsi genocide (April 6-July 14, 1994).…
9 days ago
Keywords: New Zealand, parliamentary elections, party, coalition, referendum, electoral system New Zealand is a small country (4.5 million people) as part of the Commonwealth of Nations. The form of g…
9 days ago
Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a key component of global capital flows. Experience in attracting and using FDI shows that, with appropriate government policies, it is an important source of renewa…
9 days ago
В Париже в Университете Сорбонны с 1 по 4 сентября 2004 г. проходила четвертая конференция Европейской ассоциации по изучению Юго-Восточной Азии (EUROSEAS)*. Ей предшествовали конференции в Лейдене (1995), Гамбурге (1998) и Лондоне (2001). Основанная в 199…
9 days ago
Миф о фиванском царе Эдипе, возникший в Древней Греции, оставил заметный след во многих культурах и литературах мира. "Фиванский цикл" (т.е. судьба Эдипа и его потомства) привлекал к себе внимание потому, что в истории "безвинной вины" Эдипа остро был пост…
9 days ago
Конгресс состоялся в Москве с 16 по 21 августа 2004 г. Он открылся пленарным заседанием в большом концертном зале "академический". Открыл конгресс его председатель, президент Общества востоковедов Российской академии наук, директор Институт востоковедения …
9 days ago
Historical science in the USSR. Reviews "FORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE COLLECTIVE FARM SYSTEM IN THE MOLDAVIAN SSR" Author: V. V. KABANOV Chisinau. Publishing House of the Academy of Sciences of t…
9 days ago
Historical science in the USSR. Reviews: J. S. GROSUL, I. G. BUDAK. ESSAYS ON THE HISTORY OF THE NATIONAL ECONOMY OF BESSARABIA (1861-1905) Author: L. G. BESKROVNY, A. A. SHEVYAKOV Chisinau. "Kartya …
9 days ago
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Why is it important to save your scholarly work in a digital library?

There are many reasons why it is important to keep your scholarly work online. Let's focus on the main ones:
  1. Wide access: The Internet allows researchers and scholars around the world easy access to your scholarly work. This is especially important for those who live or work in remote countries or regions or sparsely populated areas where access to scholarly publications may be limited.
  2. Preservation and dissemination of knowledge: The preservation and dissemination of scientific works on the Internet ensures the preservation and dissemination of knowledge that can be used to advance science. This helps avoid duplication of research and facilitates access to previous works, which contributes to faster human progress.
  3. Citation: Storing research papers online at a specific address provides a permanent link to your work, making it easier for other scientists to cite and use your research. It also helps to increase your citation index in academia.
  4. Archiving: Storing research papers online ensures that they are archived and preserved for the future. This is important so that researchers can access previous works and use them in their own research.
  5. Dissemination of ideas: Keeping scientific papers online provides an opportunity to disseminate ideas and research results to a wide audience. This can lead to a broader discussion of ideas and a faster dissemination of knowledge in the scientific community.

What can I save in a digital library?

In a digital library, authors can save all kinds of digital information:
  1. E-books: digital versions of books, which can be saved in PDF, DJVU, or other e-book formats.
  2. Scientific articles: scientific publications that can be saved in text form for reading from a computer screen or other gadget or in PDF or other electronic article formats (in which case articles can also be read from both desktop and mobile device screens).
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  6. Maps and drawings: different types of graphic images, including maps, charts, drawings, diagrams, and other types of images. They can be stored in the Photo Documents section.
  7. Electronic textbooks and learning materials: digital versions of textbooks, study guides, and other learning materials.
  8. Electronic newspapers: digital versions of newspapers that can be saved in PDF or other electronic newspaper formats.
  9. Photos: digital images of photos and other graphic materials.
  10. Archival materials: digital versions of documents and other materials from archives and museums.
  11. Research information: digital versions of articles, reports, dissertations, and other research-related materials.
  12. Electronic diaries: digital versions of diaries and other personal entries. The library has a special section for author diaries, where you can keep entries in chronological order.
  13. Electronic patents: digital versions of patents and other documents related to intellectual property.
  14. Internet Archives: electronic versions of web pages and other online materials that can be saved in archiving programs and uploaded for preservation in the library.
  15. Computer programs and applications: digital versions of software, applications, and games.
  16. Electronic dictionaries and reference books: digital versions of various dictionaries and reference books on various topics.
  17. Music: digital versions of music, albums, and other audio materials.
  18. Digital maps: electronic versions of maps, geographic and topographic data.

Why is the digital library free for authors and readers?

All services to authors and readers are provided free of charge. So it was, so it is and so it will be. There are several reasons why the library stores and makes available information published by authors for free:
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  2. Dissemination of knowledge. The purpose of digital libraries is to disseminate knowledge and information throughout the world. Free access to information contributes to this goal because it allows people to access the latest scientific discoveries and other important information resources.
  3. Social effect. Many authors, especially those who publish their works in the electronic library, do not receive direct financial benefits from their publications, but do so in order to promote science and disseminate knowledge. Providing free access to their work helps them achieve this goal.
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