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Author(s) of the publication: Ya. RENKAS

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by Yaroslav RENKAS, our staff writer

One of the recent events on the program of the All-Russia Exhibition Center (WTs) was a specialized show "Power and Electrical Engineering-2001". Its main objective was to promote different forms of cooperation between R&D units and power machinery and electricity generating centers with the view to promoting the introduction of competitive types of equipment and modern technologies, increase export and attraction of investments.

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The show was sponsored by the RF Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies, the RF Power Ministry and the RF Ministry of Atomic Energy. Many entries submitted by Russian participants offered vivid proof of the fact that the achievements of Russian scientists and engineers reflect our sustained progress in basic research and our lead in many applied fields.

The All-Russia Electrotechnical Institute named after Lenin (Moscow), which recently marked its 80th birthday, boasts a whole list of technical innovations developed over the past couple of years alone.

These include inverters, controlled rectifiers and a range of advanced devices for diagnostics of electrotechnical equipment and control of its parameters with a view to increasing its service life. This list includes, for example, the Impulse device which helps detect faulty diodes and thyristors directly in the unit in which they are located. Combined with some original methods of testing data processing, this device can help "prognosticate" equipment failures.

Another interesting entry were adaptive frequency converters (PChA ELSIM) used for continuous regulation of the rpm numbers of asynchronous shorted electric motors from 110 to 160 kWt. These are used at oil and gas pumping stations, municipal systems of water supply, refrigerating plants, etc. PChA ELSIM incorporate some of the most advanced transistors and feature microprocessor systems of control and protection which makes it possible to bring energy losses down to the minimum.

The Scientific R&D Institute of Electrical Engineering (Vladimir) put on display a set of asynchronous electric motors (4A, 4AM, AIR, 5A and 5AM) and their modifications for use on merchant

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marine, electric locomotives and with sets of equipment in the power, iron and steel, mechanical engineering, chemical and food industries and public utilities. Institute experts are also working now in one of the priority areas - development and production of electric motors from 3 to 400 kWt which drive pumps, ventilators, shutters and other equipment of this kind used at most of our atomic power stations and at such stations in Finland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Cuba.

Some interesting entries were submitted by experts of the All-Russia R&D Institute of Atomic Power Engineering (Moscow), including projects and models of nuclear power generators, steam generators, turbines, heat exchangers and so on.

The attention of experts was attracted by a model and description of a new water-steam direct-flow nuclear reactor with a transportable section of an atomic power station with the capacity of 1,500 MWt. The utmost environmental and radiation safety of the unit is ensured by the fact that its core cannot melt under any conditions and the radioactive fission products and fuel components are retained within the fuel elements themselves in all kinds of emergencies.

A range of high-tech devices was placed on display by yet another participant - the Yaroslavl Engineering Plant - whose products enjoy recognition in this and many other countries. Its broad range of entries included synchronous self- driven generators (of SJ series) designed for long periods of operation in stationary or mobile units as the sources of three-phase alternating current (frequency 50 Hz, tension 400 V). They are equipped with a brushless self- excitation system and an automatic electronic system of tension control which guarantees an uninterrupted supply of electricity. The generators can be powered by internal combustion engines, electric motors and also gas, steam and other kinds of turbines.

The display of the famous Electrosila Plant (St. Petersburg) featured high quality hydrogenera-

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tors, electric generators of all kinds, DC and AC electrical drives and a host of other devices.

The current technical re-equipment of what we call "minor" power engineering was illustrated in the display provided by the Electrodvigatel Plant (town of Bavleny, Vladimir Region). Its "menu" includes generators of more than 30 types, up to 70 models of electric motors and more than 20 electric pumps. These products find many applications in the iron and steel industry, construction, farming, mechanical engineering, timber and lumber, wood processing, oil and gas and other industries as well as in domestic appliances.

Another participant of the exhibhion - Energomekhanichesky Zavod (Power Engineering Plant, St. Petersburg)-demonstrated high-power transformers, and what is called the "elegas" agent for high-tension units which offers a unique combination of heat-transfer and fire-safety properties. Elegas is not combustible and needs no replacement throughout the service life of the equipment wherein it is used. Some time ago the plant launched the production of elegas tank switches (codenamed VGBU-110 and VGBU-220) with built-in transformers and outputs of silicon-organic rubber.

The program of the exhibition also included a theoretical and practical conference on the "Problems and Prospects of Development of Machine Construction for the Energy Complex of Russia in the 21st Century".

In general, the aforesaid show of the progress and achievements of Russia's engineering and electrical engineering industries offered a wealth of important information to the users of this technology, potential investors and potential customers who were able to conduct business meetings and discussions during which many important contracts were signed.


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