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Вчера в Москве названы имена новых лауреатов российской независимой премии, поощряющей высшие достижения в литературе и искусстве "Триумф". В 1998 году ими стали кинорежиссер Алексей ГЕРМАН, искусствовед и критик Вера КРАСОВСКАЯ, композитор Гия КАНЧЕЛИ, пи
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Вы знакомы с технологией собственноручного изготовления книг для домашней библиотеки? Она довольно проста: вырезаете из газеты несколько публикаций и сшиваете или склеиваете их, получая в итоге авторское издание любимого писателя. Именно таким образом чита
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Известно, что на заре капиталистической эпохи в менее развитых, но тесно связанных с молодым буржуазным миром странах наблюдался возврат к давно пройденным человечеством формам эксплуатации, причем особенно жестоким. Таковы плантационное рабство в Новом Св
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It is well known that at the dawn of the capitalist era, in less developed countries, but closely connected with the young bourgeois world, there was a return to forms of exploitation that humanity had long passed over, and especially cruel ones. Such are
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U. V. OKIMBEKOV Candidate of Historical Sciences Keywords: Afghanistan, telephony, mobile communication Afghanistan was and remains one of the most backward countries in the world. The civil war, which has been going on for more than three decades, has tur
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I. O. ABRAMOVA Candidate of Economic Sciences Migration Keywords:, Spain, A frica, labor resources, integration, illegal migration Spain became an attractive country for migrants only in the mid-1980s. The first migrants were Europeans, mostly retired peop
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R. I. TOMBERG Postgraduate student of IMEMO RAS Keywords: China, Africa, economy, investment, raw materials, global crisis One of the primary goals of Chinese companies ' foreign economic expansion is Africa, which is rich in natural resources. Thanks to c
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A. V. SEMIN Candidate of Political Sciences China Keywords:, Japan, USA, East Asia In the XXI century. Japan and China entered as the most powerful economic powers in Asia, influential players in world and regional politics. This year, China surpassed Japa
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CONTRADICTORY RESULTS OF XINJIANG'S DEVELOPMENT China Keywords:, Xinjiang (XUAR), history and politics V. G. GELBRAS Doctor of Historical Sciences In the 1950s, I had to work in Xinjiang. Those were the best and brightest years of my family's life. Half a
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V. V. SAMARTSEV (Vladivostok) China Keywords:, economic growth, raw materials The functioning of the national economy can be compared to the movement of a bicycle, which remains stable as long as the pedals are turned. Stopping or slowing down can lead to
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