East-West Zhang Longyan (b. 1909) is one of the most famous figures in the Far East, whose scientific research and teaching practice, as well as active diplomatic activity, contributed to the promotion of the art of Chinese calligraphy in the West in the XX century. Zhang Longyan's calligraphic works, performed at a high artistic level, develop the legacy of traditional calligraphic aesthetics and show its relevance for the Chinese culture of the XX century. For thousands of years, calligraphy has played a style-forming role in the field of fine arts in China and has enjoyed the highest cultural status. As the most complete embodiment of the national aesthetic, it has retained its leading position among the plastic arts of China to this day. There was no decline in the development of the calligraphic tradition, and its early achievements were continued with dignity by a whole galaxy of masters both in China and abroad. Years of life of many talented artists cover the entire century, and their main creative success falls on an advanced age. Calligraphy classes helped them overcome the challenges of a dramatic century and reach the heights of creativity that inspire younger generations of calligraphers. The vast majority of the major masters of the twentieth century never left China and therefore were not directly familiar with Western art, which did not prevent them from deeply reflecting the spiritual quest of their modern era. However, some calligraphers were forced to emigrate to the West, and the issue of national cultural identity became particularly acute for them. Zhang Longyan is one of those expatriate artists for whom immersion in Western culture has only helped strengthen their commitment to the national artistic tradition. Difficulties in the perception of calligraphic plastic art by the Western audience led to the fact that Western art studies only in the last quarter of the XX century began to systematically study this type of art. Last but not least, ... Read more

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