Tia res agitur ** You've heard about clash of civilizations, But what is the sound of one-civilization clash? Having crossed the invisible Rubicon, we have finally breathed in the air of a new age, the question is only in the scale of changes, not in their presence. I do not think, however, that the essence of the dramatic events taking place on the planet can be fully explained by the struggle between well-known ideologies, religions, and civilizations; rather, it is a clash with the future that is growing through the flesh of the modern world, with a New world that has not yet been discovered, which has opposed itself to the culture that is On the historical stage, the crisis and descent of a two-thousand-year-old civilization, its "mute struggle" with faceless, indistinct characters, are opposed by an attempt to re-read the usual principles and at the same time - the crystallization of a completely different system of values. The crisis of the Great Art Nouveau culture has been brewing for more than one year and more than one decade, and the entire 20th century was marked by the search for a new world order. At the same time, however, the triad of social projects of the century - communism, fascism, globalism - that replaced the religious heresies and conflicts of the past centuries, as they unfolded, showed internal inferiority, transforming from utopias to dystopias. The tragic events of September 11, 2001 became a symbol of the end of modern civilization or its fundamental metamorphosis. The social organization in its current version, having first shown impressive helplessness in the face of anonymous aggression, and then, having built a multi-purpose action of retribution, demonstrated the inadequacy of the entire body of ideologues, institutions, management and security systems to the nature of the emerging reality and threats emanating from it. The world underground, multi-faceted and multidimensional, spectacular and indomitable, gradually became an influe ... Read more

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