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Adayev U.Z. Origin of fundamental forces due to interference of neutrinos and particles

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Adayev U.Z. Origin of fundamental forces due to interference of neutrinos and particles // New-York: Libmonster (LIBMONSTER.COM). Updated: 11.08.2019 . URL: (date of access: 21.06.2024 )

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Author(s) of the publication: Adayev U.Z.

This paper has proposed unique ideas to hit lots of fundamental targets raised by quantum physics. Establishing the mechanism of initiation of fundamental forces, the author had to revise the basis of interaction of elementary particles. An attempt was made to determine how neutrinos interference with elementary particles based on the relationship between the geometric units deemed as material objects in view of physical relations. The presence of fluctuating neutrinos in macro world and intra-atomic space may explain the penetrating features of neutrino and their long-range action.  The neutrinos interaction in vacuum space (ether) can be the basis for origin of dark matter and dark energy.        A selective binding of proton with the only one electron proposed an unique form of proton that bound with three quarks-tetrahedron within triangular which helped to explain the formation and neutrality of the neutron and its decay. The binding of elementary particles i.e. proton-neutrinos-electron appeared to be the basis of macro-and micro world. In the expanded state this binding is transforming into the atom of hydrogen, in a compressed state it is neutron, and after coupling it is nucleon. Atom of helium in a compressed state transfers to coupled nucleon and the fundamental atomic nucleus.  New basis for atom structure and its nucleus, the structural scheme of formation of electronic bindings of atoms are given. Made first steps towards the explanation of the nature of antiparticles, origin of charge, energy and quantum particles. Probable origin of particle mass, time and heat was revised that enabled to determine the manner of neutrinos interactions with electrons and protons. Overviewed new principles of nucleus formation, atoms and molecules. Performed analysis of material existence of geometric units contained in the atom. Suggested the role of ultragamma waves as the carrier of gravitation that proven by experiments with gamma rays. The paper proposes one of the mechanism of transformation of neutrinos from electron into muon and tau particles. Positioning of neutrinos and particles in the atom has been considered. Tau neutrino is in a passive state in the nucleon, the muon blocked in the neutron pocket, and electron positioned around the electron of atomic electron shell. These assumptions allowed us to identify four basic and fundamental forces of the micro world i.e. nucleon, neutron, proton and electron. Accepted in physics fundamental natural gravitational, electromagnetic and weak forces probably are derived from these fundamental forces. On this basis a mechanism of inertness origin, its translation into centrifugal force during revolution, and the possibility of changing the mass of particles during movement was proposed. Therefore a variety of numerous elementary particles is considered as a feature and property of electron, neutrinos and proton at different velocities. It is postulated that electrons are not rotating around the nucleus and stay stationary with the only electron atomic shell. Under the influence of fluctuating proton and electron neutrinos are holding at a certain distance from the nucleus. Thus, it is logical and self-consistently explained sustainable hydrogen, ionic, covalent, chemical and intermolecular bindings. Therefore a very new model of atomic structure has been proposed.  The paper proposes possible reasoning of that the particles of radioactive decay are displacing in magnetic field. The known experiment of Ernest Rutherford plays a key role in quantum mechanics, and the new explication of neutrinonucleon decay gives an opportunity to look at the structure of the atom from a different side. Based on this view have been proposed structure of the atom and nucleus.  A reader may imagine how the particles interfere with the help of given figures and understand the coherence of actions of elementary particles or particles-partakers in the micro world. It is evident when referring to a certain types of fundamental interference. All these are represented in geometric layouts and tables.  The theory is intended for physics, chemists and other scientists and experts.  It is summarizing and analyzing findings of various scientific studies and experiments. A general line in development of classic views about micro world is retained. A number of analytical tasks have been researched in more deep way and new characterization is proposed. 


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Adayev U.Z., Origin of fundamental forces due to interference of neutrinos and particles // New-York: Libmonster (LIBMONSTER.COM). Updated: 11.08.2019. URL: (date of access: 21.06.2024).

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Ualikhan Adayev
Shymkent, Kazakhstan
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11.08.2019 (1776 days ago)
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Origin of fundamental forces due to interference of neutrinos and particles

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