his is the way to get there. Tree Gnome Village
Take a trip to the centre to the middle of Tree Gnome Maze and talk to King Bolren. It will be soon clear about the three orbs taken by Khazard soldiers. Once you agree to help  OSRS gold recover them, you'll instantly be freed from the maze.This is the way to get there. Tree Gnome VillageHave issues with Gold? Buy some here and make sure you get your search is as smooth as you can!The three trackersItems required for this section of the quest: 6 logs of normal size.You will need to contact Commander Montai north until the southern part within the Battlefield. You'll see him in red clothes. Then, you will be required to get 6 logs to help repair their defenses. It's not much of defense, but 6 logs do the trick I'll tell you. If you do not have the needed quantity of logs available, you might want to visit a bank or kill the goblins within the maze, as they use to drop their logs. But, you'll be spending more time playing with goblins, so unless have a plan to level up it is recommended to go for the bank. After speaking with Commander Montai again, you'll be required to locate the three trackers, they were sent out to collect coordinates in order to shoot the ballista.In the shadows of the biggest building in the northwest , you'll be able to find the first tracker.Northeast building within a Khazard prison cell. The second tracker is found.Beyond the south-west corner the stronghold, you'll be able to find the 3rd tracker.The coordinates you need will be found using the first two trackers. Chaos has taken a huge impact on the third tracker, so there could be some issues. Most of what he says will be totally useless However, he may provide a hint that leads to a number you're required. Although, be prepared to think a little.Travel back to south-west corner of the battlefield where the ballista is located. Make sure you don't misinterpret it as the catapult, which is right next to Montai. Within it, you'll have to enter the third location. If you're unable to enter ... Read more

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his is the way to get there. Tree Gnome Village

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