On May 30, 2007, the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences hosted the next annual scientific conference, organized by the Southeast Asia Department, on topical issues of development of the region and individual countries of Southeast Asia. The conference participants are employees of the Institute of Information Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, other academic institutes, higher educational institutions in Moscow, and employees of practical organizations. The conference was dedicated to the memory of Doctor of Economics O. G. Baryshnikova. The participants paid tribute to O. G. Baryshnikova. Yu. O. Levtonova (IB RAS) spoke about Olga Gavrilovna as a friend and colleague for many years of scientific cooperation. O. G. Baryshnikova is a major economist, researcher of the Philippine economy, who also dealt with issues of economic development of the region as a whole. Yu. O. Levtonova noted the role of O. G. Baryshnikova as an initiator holding annual scientific conferences devoted to various aspects of the modern development of Southeast Asia and individual countries of the region. In the memory of colleagues and friends, Olga Baryshnikova will remain a highly professional specialist, an extremely hardworking, energetic and obliging person, a witty, beautiful, charming woman. The conference program included three blocks of issues: 1. Politics and geopolitics. 2. Economy of Southeast Asia in 2006 3. Country problems. The first block of problems was opened by D. V. Mosyakov's report "Aggravation of US-Chinese contradictions in Southeast Asia". A new factor in the geopolitical configuration in Southeast Asia is the aggravation of US-Chinese contradictions in Greater East Asia, of which the Southeast Asian region is a part. The struggle for dominance in the region is quite understandable, because it is becoming one of the main centers of world development and economic growth, occupying the most important geopolitical position at the ... Read more

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