Criticism and bibliography. Reviews Head of the project V. D. Golubchikov, Z. I. KHVATISIASHVILI. Comp. by E. R. AKBALYAN. Comp. by E. R. Akbalyan, Moscow: European Publications. 2004, 1200 p., ill., maps. There are some extremely necessary public projects in Russia that are amazing in their design and scope. Their path to people is usually thorny and often today, alas, for many reasons, impossible. It is all the more joyful when they are implemented in full and are implemented at the most up-to-date information, analytical and communication level. This is the Northern Encyclopedia published within the framework of the International Decade of the World's Indigenous People. This is a Russian product of "high-tech" - a new technological, ultra-modern design, which will undoubtedly be in demand on the international and domestic markets. Here, our compatriots, media professionals, acted as the trendsetters of the world's "media" fashion. More often the opposite happens: we transfer to our own soil borrowed samples, which are by no means the best kind. Here, everything is up to par with the quality. Both by design, and by the subject of coverage, and by printing execution. It is no coincidence that the brilliant English version of this Russian encyclopedia was patronized by the Embassy of Canada , a country that pays constant attention to the history and life of the Arctic peoples. A few words about the publisher's contribution to a publication worthy of the highest praise. This is an innovative work, made at the level of the highest technologies, in a reader-friendly double format. The book is accompanied by a CD with the full version of the encyclopedia. I will say more - this is not some kind of one-day printing, but a publication for sybarites. If you still like to flip through pages, then a weighty 1200-page folio printed on good paper will make your hand feel heavy, and if your fingers are more used to a computer mouse, then the entire encyclopedia with convenient ... Read more

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