Ampere's error, or the fifth force of fundamental interactions
Ampere's error, or the fifth force of fundamental interactions              The Standard Model considers four fundamental interactions: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, and weak. But in objective reality there is also a magnetic interaction, which propagates through magnetic charges, which are called gravitons.             Gravitons are mini vortices ether, magnetic dipoles and bricks of matter. The energy of the vortex generates a unidirectional movement of the ether between the poles, as a result of which the ether is absorbed by one pole and thrown out by the opposite pole. This is how the forces that we call magnetic forces are formed.             Thus, Ampere's hypothesis that the magnetism of substances is determined by microcurrents is not true, because there is not a single experiment proving its truth.                       The most obvious example of the fallacy of Ampere's hypothesis is the fact that the compass needleat both poles of the Earth has an orientation along the surface of the Earth, and at the equator it acquires an orientation parallel to the equator, and at middle latitudes the compass needle acquires an intermediate position. All this indicates that it is not the Ampere currents that rotate the compass needle, but the magnetic charges that are located both in the compass arrows and on the Earth.            Consequently, it is necessary to recognize the existence of magnetic charges that determine the magnetism of permanent magnets, the magnetism of planets and stars, the magnetism of atoms and molecules, the magnetism of electric charges. УДК 537.6      Ошибка Ампера, или пятая сила фундаментальных взаимодействий                   Стандартная модель рассматривает четыре фундаментальных взаимодействия: гравитационное, электромагнитное, сильное и слабое. Но в объективной реальности существует ещё и магнитное взаимодействие, которое распространяется посредством магнитных зарядов, которые называется гравитонами.              Гравитоны ... Read more

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Ampere's error, or the fifth force of fundamental interactions

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