TELLS THE BOOK, WHICH IS BASED ON PUBLICATIONS IN OUR MAGAZINE Having picked up the book of Candidate of Economic Sciences M. N. Gusev - " The Islamic factor in South-East Asia. The role of external forces" (published by the Institute of the Middle East, Moscow, 2007), subscribers of the magazine "Asia and Africa Today" will definitely experience a vague feeling: they have already read something similar somewhere... That's right, you read it. In our magazine. Over the past three or four years, the author of the book has published about a dozen articles on the same topic on its pages: the gradual advance of radical Islamism in the countries of Southeast Asia (SE). Having combined these materials and supplemented them (the volume of the book is about 10 times larger than the total volume of M. N. Gusev's publications in the journal), the scientist prepared an interesting work on an important topic. That's really true: the chicken bites on the grain... By the way, M. N. Gusev's magazine articles invariably aroused great and friendly interest among our readers. This interest is not accidental. It stems directly from the fact that today Southeast Asia is becoming a center of aggressive, fanatical Islamic extremism and terrorism. And not to notice it, not to react to it, means risking the peaceful life and peace of many people, including those living far from Southeast Asia. The author considers the emergence and formation of this center in dynamics. It all started in the early 90s of the last century and even earlier. Few people then paid attention to the fact that young people from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines suddenly experienced a "desire to change places" and hundreds began to go first to Pakistan, and then to Egypt, Syria and Iran, seemingly to study in religious schools. page 78 schools. And then yesterday's "students" were found in Afghanistan, Chechnya, as well as in different places of the world where terrorist acts were committed, there were military ... Read more

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