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Z. P. YAKHIMOVICH. The Great October Revolution and the Historical Process in the World

The author looks at the interconnection between and the mutual influence exerted by the world revolutionary process (which started in 1917) and the historical development on the world-wide scale in the period of transition from capitalism to socialism. The article emphasises the contribution made by the socialist revolution in Russia and the socialist civilisation into shaping qualitatively new world-wide ties and humanising social development and the science of history. Yakhimovich indicates that now the very concept of revolutionariness has changed substantially, the content, forms and criteria of social progress have become richer and the struggle for peace and social progress has acquired special significance.

R. S. GANELIN, M. P. IROSHNIKOV, G. L. SOBOLEV. Documentary Publications on the History of the Great October Revolution and the Civil War

The authors discuss the key trends in documentary publications of the history of the Great October Revolution and the Civil War evident in the last three decades. They demonstrate that although a wide range of documents has already been published the potentials of the Soviet archives are far from being exhausted. Further documentary publications will stimulate further research.

A. V. USHAKOV. Russian Democratic Intelligentsia on the Road to the Socialist Revolution

Looks at the evolution of Russian intelligentsia throughout the period of imperialism (1895 - 1917), at its professional and political makeup, the influence the proletariat and its revolutionary party exerted on intelligentsia and the role of democratic intelligentsia in the three Russian revolutions.

Y. I. IGRITSKY. The Current Non-Marxist Historiography of the Great October Revolution

Ever new works on the history of the Russian socialist revolution appearing in the "West is a sure sign that an interest in this subject never fades. More often than before their authors turn to the socio-economic prerequisites of the 1917 Revolution and the ties that existed between the social basis and the revolution's moving forces. At the same time non-Marxist authors still cling to the outdated concepts of the narrow foundation "of the government born by the revolution and biased interpretations of the programme aims of the Bolshevik Party. The author demonstrates that the non-Marxist historiography is experiencing an impact of the further development of Marxism, the struggle between the conservative and liberal trends in the bourgeois social thought and of the expanding dialogue between Soviet historians and their colleagues in the West.



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