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T. P. KORZHIKHINA. Lenin on Bureaucracy and the Struggle Against It in the Conditions of Socialist Construction

The author looks at Lenin's concept of the emergence and essence of bureaucracy and the ways to overcome it through streamlining the state machine, tightening control and intensifying administrative and legal responsibility. Lenin relied on the early experience of Soviet government to define his ideas (which have not lost their significance) abour bureacratism.

Y. V. GANKOVSKY, P. V. KUTSOBIN. A New Stage in Soviet-Indian Relations

The article traces the development of Soviet-Indian relations after 1947 as a factor of world politics favourably affecting the principle of peaceful coexistence of states with different social systems. Much space is given to the recent visit by Mikhail Gorbachev to India, his talks with R. Gandhi and the significance of the Delhi Declaration signed by the two countries for strengthening peace and security in the Asian-Pacific region, in the Near and Middle East and other regions.

DAVID M. GLANTZ. American Perspectives on Eastern Front Operations in World War II.

This is paper presented at the first Soviet-American colloquy on the history of the Second World War. The author discusses the American idea of the Great Patriotic War which emerged in the first post-war years and survived till our day. He explains the causes behind it, shows that much have been done to belittle the significance of the Soviet- German Front and to interpret the course of the military operations there to the detriment of socialism. The article casts doubt on works by American historians treating this subject.

S. N. POGODIN. French Trade Union Movement During the Second World War

Pogodin leans on a vast factual body to describe the role of the French trade union movement in the struggle against fascist invaders and the Vichy government. The author concentrates on the contribution made by the Confederation Generale du Travail to the revival, in clandestine conditions, of trade union organisations which were destined to play a significant role in the Resistance Movement.

A. S. MYLNIKOV, V. I. FREIDZON. Nation Formation in Central and South- Eastern Europe in the 18th and 19th Centuries (the Law Governed Patterns, Typology and Periodisation)

The authors regard social development of the peoples which formed part of multinational states, the presence of "complete" and "incomplete" structures and of the elements of the national statehood as the basis for the typologisation of the process of national formation. They offer their own periodisation of this process based on the emergence of ethnosocial structures of bourgeois society, the development of national self-consciousness and the system of national culture; the article contains a comparative investigation of ethnic developments in various parts of Europe.

P. G. RYNDZYUNSKY. On Some Controversial Problems in the History of Peasant Movement in Russia

The author emphasises that despite different social and tax-paying status of peasants they were united in their struggle against serfdom in the late 18th and 19th centuries. He sees mass flights by serfs to the outlying regions of Russia as one of the most radical forms of their struggle for emancipation. He also draws attention to a distinction between monarchist illusions of the peasantry and the official monarchism of the gentry.



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