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L. E. FAINE. Evolution of the Cooperative Form of Socialist Property in the USSR

Divides into periods the evolution of cooperative property; outlines its frames and defines its share in the national economy; looks at the correlation between the cooperative and the state property (the property of the whole people); determines the main tendencies of their drawing closer together, and analyses the principles underlying the cooperative property which find an ever wider application in the economic activity of the enterprises based on the state form of property. The author comes to the conclusion that a broader application of these principles is in line with the Party policy of democratising economic management, increasing economic independence of enterprises, enhancing the role of the economic principles and management instruments, and inspiring the Soviet people's social activity.

L. P. ALISOVA. The Failure of the Blitzkrieg Strategy on the Soviet-German Front

The author takes as her subject the content and the nature of the strategy of Blitzkrieg which fascist Germany intended to wage against the USSR. This strategy first was put into practice in 1941 through Operation Barbarossa and, following its failure, through the combined operations of the army groups North, Centre and South during their autumn offensive, the core of which was Operation Typhoon. The failure of fascist Germany to implement Blitzkrieg testifies to the fact that the military and political leadership of the Third Reich ignored the factors of military-strategic and socio- political significance (the military-economic potential of the USSR, patriotism of the Soviet people, etc.).

A. I. PLIGUZOV. The First Russian Descriptions of Siberia

Analyses the 14th - 16th-century Russian descriptions of the roads to Siberia and the life and religious beliefs of the "Samoedy" living along the middle and lower Ob, in the Taz and Turukhan basins. The author describes the Yugorsky dorozhnik bought by Sigismund Herberstein in Moscow in 1517 or 1526 and translated by him into Latin, the story О chelovetsekh neznaemykh v Vostochnoi strane , the earlier unknown Permsky dorozhnik. The author connects the two latter works with the missionary activity of the Perm episcopacy in the 1480s. Pliguzov offers his tentative periodisation of the first stage of discovery of Siberia by the Russians.

L. N. SVANADZE. The Emergence and Essence of the Tory Concept of the "Private Ownership Democracy"

Traces the emergence and elaboration of the most important socio-economic and political concept of the Conservative Party of Great Britain. The author relies on works of the theoreticians of "New Conservatism", official documents of the Conservative Party and works by other authors on the subject.

A. I. NEMIROVSKY. The Principles of Antique Chronography

Looks at antique chronography as it emerged as a scientific discipline in the 5th century B. C. and criticises the creators of the "new methodologies" who present the development of chronology as a result of church falsifications of the 4th century A. D.



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