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V. A. KUMANEV. Anti-War and Anti-Fascist Movement of Soviet Intelligentsia in the 1903s

The author takes as his subject the broad public movement in the 1930s when it was at its height. The experience of Soviet intelligentsia's anti-war struggle in the last prewar decade is an instructive one. Long before the predatory attack by nazi Germany of the Soviet Union Soviet literature and the arts led by the Communist Party prepared the nation to rebuff enemy attacks, exposed fascist warmongers, called for unity in the face of the fascist menace. The article gives a detailed exposition of the stand taken by Soviet professionals vis-a-vis the national-revolutionary war in Spain and concludes that Soviet culture had made its contribution in the victory over fascist invaders,

N. I. KOBRIN. The Rout of German Fascists in Byelorussia in 1944

The author discusses some military-political aspects of the Byelorussian operation of the Soviet Army carried out in summer 1944, he shows how large groups of fascists were encircled and destroyed by regular forces and partisans, cites examples of mass heroism, courage and staunchness of Soviet men and officers. Much space is alotted to military-political repercussions and international significance of the operation and to refuting the inventions of bourgeois falsifiers who seek to belittle the victory of the Soviet Army and to bury in oblivion the feat of Soviet soldiers on Byelorussian soil.

О. М. RAPOV. On the Date of Adopting Christianity by Prince Vladimir and Kiev Dwellers

Drawing on Byzantine, Russian and Arab sources the author cites the date of 988 as the year when Christianity was adopted by Prince Vladimir, who was followed on August I, 990 by Kiev dwellers after the capture of Korsun by the Russian army in the spring of 990. He renders a number of other dates and events of the 980s-990s more precise. The historical significance of Kievan Rus' Christianisation is also discussed.

S. V. LISTIKOV. Influence of the Revolutionary Events in Russia on the Battle of Trends in the US Trade-Union Movement (1917 - 1919)

The author has set out to demonstrate how the revolutionary events in Russia affected the radicalisation process in the American labour movement which found its reflection in the struggle between S. Gompers' supporters, who was then Chairman of the AFL, and the unions of miners, railway men, workers in the sewing industry and some others. Their leadership and grass-roots strove to assimilate the experience gained by the Russian proletariat in order to apply it to the solution of their own problems.

Yu. V. IRKHIN. Development Trends in Countries of Socialist Orientation

The author analyses the class essence, regularities, forms and specific features of the development of socialist orientation countries. He uses materials pertaining to the 1970s-early 1980s to demonstrate their achievements in economic and social life, reveals new phenomena of their development such as the creation and consolidation of vanguard revolutionary parties, enhancement of the role of elected bodies and public organisation. The article shows that socialist orientation is a manifestation of the leading tendency of our epoch-the epoch of transition to socialism.

стр. 190


"Problems of History", No. 6, 1984

Articles: V. A. Kurnanev. Anti-War and Anti-Fascist Movement of Soviet Intelligentsia in the 1930s; N. I. Kobrin. The Rout of German Fascists in Byelorussia in 1944; О. М. Rapov. On the Date of Adopting Christianity by Prince Vladimir and Kiev Dwellers; S. V. Listikov. Influence of the Revolutionary Events in Russia on the Battle of Trends in the US Trade-Union Movement (1917 - 1919); Yu. V. Irkhin. Development Trends in Countries of Socialist Orientation. Leafing Russian Chronicles. V. I. Bug'anov. Russian Chronicles. Historical Essays. Kh. N. Drlkker. Cooperatives of Joint Landtilling in Tadjikistan; V. R. Rabo. Australian Aborigines. Historical Science in the USSR and Abroad. Controversial Problems: V. I. Bovykin, L M. Spirin. Tsarism and the 4th Duma in 1912 - 1914. Book Reviews: E. N. Kulkov, O. A. Rzheshevsky, I. A. Chelyshev. The Truth and Falsehoods about the Second World War; E. G. Gimpelson. Working Class Managing Soviet State. November 1917 - 1920; O. V. Volobuyev, V. A. Muravyev. Lenin's Interpretation of the 1905 - 1907 Revolution in Russia and Soviet Historiography. L. V. Cherepnin. Methodological Problems of Historical Research. Theoretical Problems of the History of Feudalism; N. A. Erofeyev. The Foggy Albion. England and Englishmen as Seen by Russians in 1825 - 1853; D. F. Markov. Comparative-Historical and Comprehensive Research in the Social Sciences. From the Experience of Study of History and Culture of Central and South-East European Nations; P. P. Cherkasov. The Fate of an Empire. An Essay on French Colonial Expansionism in the 16th-20th Centuries; V. I. Raitses. Joan of Arc. Facts, Legends, Hypotheses; I. L. Mayak. Rome of the First Kings (Genesis of the Roman City-State); Novgorodan Bondage Registers of 1614 - 1616 (Stockholm). Facts, Events, People. Notes on Articles Published in Foreign Journals. Articles in Soviet and Foreign Historical Journals. New Books in the USSR and Abroad.



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