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G. A. Trofimenko. Lessons of Peaceful Coexistence

The article is devoted to the 50th anniversary of Soviet-American diplomatic relations. The author traces their evolution from the establishment of Soviet power in Russia to our days. These relations are shown to have been dominated by peaceful coexistence although at times they bore a conflictive character, which was largely due to the unhelpful policy of Washington. Making a number of conclusions from the history of these relations, the author emphasizes that any interstate contradiction between the USSR and the USA can be settled by negotiation and compromise.

M. P. Kostyuk. The Formation of Collectlvist Ideas in the Byelorussian Countryside (1918 - 1929)

The article surveys the rising tide of collectivist sentiments among the working peasantry of Byelorussia in the first 12 years of Soviet power. The author nas shown the efforts of the Party and state bodies directed at spreading cooperative ideas in the countryside. By the beginning of mass agricultural collectivization considerable successes had been recorded in the propaganda of the advantages of collectivist agriculture over individual. As a result, by the late 1920s the political consciousness of the majority of Byelorussias rural workers had reached a higher stage beginning to be infused with socialist content.

YE. A. Dudzinskaya. Slavophils and Herzen in the Period of Preparation for the Reform of 1861

In the atmosphere of a maturing revolutionary situation in Russia two social forces in opposition - the liberals and the revolutionary democrats - realizing that neither could rely on mass social support, simultaneously found it necessary to forms a temporary rapprochement by way of building a common anti-serfdom front. For some time, the Slavophils became secret correspondents of Herzen. That was a rare case in history when the parties to a confrontation, remaining loyal to their respective positions, drew closer together by waging a common struggle against serfdom. Their temporary alliance, however, exhausted itself when the conservative forces had exhibited an obvious advantage in handling the peasant question.

M. A. Neumark. The Origination of the Doctrine of "Neo-Socialism"

The article shows the sources and process of formation of the doctrine of "neo-socialism" - a technocratic variety of social-reformism which stands closest to bourgeis reformism. The author analyzes the views of one of the leaders and foremost theoreticians of the Belgian Workers' Party, Henri de Mahn, who exercised a considerable influence on the ideological and political development of the West European social democracy in the interwar period. The comprehension of the "neo-socialist" conceptions furthers a better argumented criticism of social-reformist ideology and a correct appraisal of the role of social-democracy in the world, of its antimonopoly potential and of the scope and limits of its cooperation with the communists.



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