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B. A. FELDMAN, N. L. BORISOVA. From the History of the Publishing House and the Printshop of the Newspaper "Pravda"

The authors describe the activity of the publishing house and the printshop of the newspaper "Pravda" from June 22, 1941 to 1978, attaching particular importance to the following aspects: replacement of the workers called up for military service; setting up printshop branches in Kazan and Kuibyshev; overcoming the difficulties caused by inadequate fuel supplies; publication of military literature and sundry printed matter; the functioning of the Leningrad branch in the conditions of the siege; re-establishing production in the postwar period; the work of reorganization carried out under the leadership of the Party; introduction of up-to-date equipment in the printing industry; the participation of workers in creative technical activity; the socialist emulation movement; decentralization of the printing of newspapers and magazines; the work of highlighting most significant anniversaries and political events.

A. I. FOMIN. The Establishment of Local Public Education Agencies Throughout the Length and Breadth of the U.S.S.R.

The article examines the history of the rise and development of the local state apparatus of public education on a scale embracing the whole country in the period of the establishment and consolidation of Soviet power (October 1917- summer of 1918). The author brings to light the most general tendencies accompanying the organizational aspect of the process of putting the system of public education into the hands of the Soviets. Citing concrete historical material, the author shows the break- up of the old bourgeois-landlord system of public education and its replacement with the newly established Soviet bodies for exercising leadership of the spiritual life of society.

V. Y. LAVERICHEV. State-Monopoly Tendencies in the Matter of Food Supply on the Eve of the Great October Revolution

The author highlights the process of the further development of state-monopoly agencies after the Revolution of February 1917 and the sharpening of the struggle of different classes and monopoly groups for the leading role in state regulation. The vitally important problem of food supply was used by the monopolists as a means of strengthening the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and of counteracting the working class. Only the resolute action taken by the organized workers, first and foremost by the proletariat led by the Leninist Party, thwarted the attempts to strangle the mounting tide of the revolution with the bony hand of hunger.

I. N. BOGOLEPOVA. Finance Capital in Russia's Railway Construction on the Eve of the First World War

The article analyzes the role played by the banking monopolies in the process of monopolization of privately-owned railway transport on the example of the railway companies formed in the prewar industrial boom period. The author shows how banking capital penetrates into private railway construction and examines the methods used by individual financial groupings in the struggle to gain control in administering the affairs of one or another company.

V. I. FREIDZON. Notions and Ideas of Slav Community in the First Half of the 19th Century

The article examines the real content and development of the concepts advanced by some of the more prominent leaders of the movement for the national renascence of a number of foreign Slav peoples about Slavdom as a whole, individual groups of the Slav peoples and their own nations. The author subjects to a critical analysis the notions about the allegedly consistent "pan-Slavism" of a number of trends and groups in the social movement of the Slavs, and shows the significance of the ideas of co-operation between the kindred Slav peoples in their efforts to consolidate their position as distinctive ethnic communities.

стр. 190

V. L. AVAKOV. The U.S.A. and the Middle East Problem

The article examines the U. S. Middle East policy. The author analyzes the Carter Administration's approach to the problem of the Middle East settlement and the practical activity of U. S. diplomacy in this sphere from the time when the Democrats came to power to the signing of the "peace" treaty between Israel and Egypt. The conclusion of the separate Egyptian-Israeli agreement directed against the Arab peoples, in the preparation of which the U.S.A. played an active part, resulted in the further aggravation of the situation in the Middle East and seriously undermined the possibilities of a just and comprehensive settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The article also expounds the position taken by the Soviet Union on the key aspects of the Middle East conflict.



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