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Y. N. KHRISTORADNOV. The Growing Role of the Working Class in the Process of

Communist Construction

Drawing on his close analysis of the economic performance shown by the working collectives of industrial enterprises in Gorky Region during the ninth five-year-plan period, the author convincingly proves that the working class is making the main, decisive contribution to the establishment of the material and technological basis of communism, to the further stimulation and acceleration of scientific and technological progress. The working people are taking an active part in moulding the new culture of socialist society. The article makes it abundantly clear that in the conditions of developed socialism the guiding and directing role of the working class and of the Communist Party is fully retained and further enhanced.

M. N. CHERNOMORSKY. Soviet Industry in 1928 - 1929

Drawing on carefully verified U.S.S.R. Central Statistical Board data based on the economic performance of industrial enterprises, the author examines the specific features attending the development and structural repatterning of industry with a view to ensuring accelerated development of heavy industry; the channelling of capital investments and the results of industrial production on the eve of transition to the full- scale building of socialism; the development of the social sectors of industry. The article shows the fate of state capitalist enterprises (concessions, privately leased establishments) as well as of privately-owned businesses. The materials furnished by statistical surveys irrefutably prove that by 1928/29 the private sector in the sphere of census industry began to decline steadily and by 1930 almost completely disappeared; that private capitalist industry did not and could not play any significant role in the country's large-scale and medium industry.

E. A. KHALIKOVA. Magna Hungaria

Until quite recently the archeological monuments of ancient Hungarians In Eastern Europe were not subjected to a separate study and the question of Magna Hungaria continued to remain unanswered. In 1974 a pagan burial mound dating back to the end of the 8th or the first half of the 9th century A. D. was discovered in the lower reaches of the Kama River, near the village of Bolshiye Tigany (Alexeyev District, Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic), whose careful examination revealed that, as regards the funeral rites and diverse objects found in the grave, it can definitely be associated with the early Hungarians. And this is not the only monument found in the areas lying in close proximity to the Kama River and in the southern part of the Urals. The distinctive articles made of baked clay and the peculiar female ornaments found in the tumulus at Bolshiye Tiganv enable us to single out a number of similar monuments that are synchronous with it in the adjacent districts. Their cartographical delineation covers a vast territory embracing the left bank of the Lower Kama, the South Urals and, partly, the eastern foothills of the Ural Mountains, where, apparently, the legendary Magna Hungaria was situated.

F. I. FIRSOV. The Congress of Struggle for the Unity of the Revolutionary and Democratic

Forces Against Fascism and War

The article brings out the significance of the decisions adopted by the Seventh Congress of the Communist International (1935) for the world-wide Communist movement and for the struggle to unite the revolutionary and democratic forces against fascism and the war danger. The author shows that the new strategy and tactic of unity were born in

стр. 221

the struggle against fascism and were a result of the Communist Parties' creative activity and the collective work done by the leading bodies of the Comintern. This new strategy and tactic actually represented the re-establishment and further development in the new conditions of the Leninist tactic of building up a single proletarian front, which had been formulated by the Comintern way back in 1921 - 1922.

The Congress ushered in a new period in the development of the world-wide Communist and revolutionary-democratic movement. Lenin's ideas, creatively developed by the Congress, have now become a powerful theoretical and political weapon of the Communists everywhere. In present-day conditions the slogan of struggle for peace, which was defined by the Congress as the central slogan of all Communists, forms the underlying basis of united action by all the forces that stand opposed to imperialism.

A. L. NAROCHNITSKY, Y. A. PISAREV. The Results and Prospects of Studying Yugoslavia's History in the U.S.S.R.

The article traces the principal trends of research in the centuries-old history of Yugoslavia's peoples carried on by Soviet historians over the past 30 - 40 years. The authors also cite materials on the progress of research in Yugoslav history and culture made by historians in pre-revolutionary Russia. The article underscores the significance of political, cultural and scientific contacts between the peoples of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, singling out the most important stages of the two countries' co-operation in the international arena and of their bilateral relations, notably their close co-operation in the years of their common struggle against nazism.

L. Y. DADIANI. Social-Democracy, Zionism and the Middle East Problem

The author examines the policy pursued by the leadership of the Socialist International and the parties affiliated with it in relation to Zionism and the aggressive course of Israel's ruling element in the Middle East. Having proclaimed Social- Zionism one of the socialist trends and regarding Zionism as "the national-liberation movement of the Jewish people," the leaders of the Socialist International openly encourage and support the Zionists. The striking achievements of the socialist countries and their foreign policy, the upsurge of the national-liberation movement everywhere, first and foremost in the Arab countries, the energy crisis and the "oil weapon" of the Arab states, the growing international isolation of Israel and its factual defeat in the 1973 war, as well as a number pf other factors imperatively demand that the leaders of the Socialist International partially reappraise their former policy of unilaterally supporting Israel. But such a reappraisal is prevented by the long-standing ballast of anti-communism, anti-Sovietism, opportunism and social-chauvinism, hostile attitude to the Arab peoples' struggle for their national liberation, brisk activity of the Zionist lobby in the Socialist International, as well as by the constant pressure of the imperialist forces which are bent on obstructing the establishment of a just and durable peace in this part of the world. As a result of all this, the Middle East policy of the Socialist International is very inconsistent in character.



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