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S. S. KHROMOV, N. I. SHISHOV. The Peoples' Military Co-operation in the Struggle Against Fascism (1941 - 1945)

The article examines the wartime-co-operation of the peoples and armies of the countries forming the anti-Hitler coalition in the struggle against fascism. Drawing on extensive factual material, the authors show that the Soviet Union became the decisive force that frustrated the ambitious drive of German fascism to world supremacy. It bore the main brunt of the war and played the decisive role in the crushing defeat of nazi Germany and, later, of militarist Japan. Considerable attention is devoted by the authors to the joint military operations carried out by the Red Army and the armed forces of Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia and other countries, to the internationalist assistance rendered by the Soviet Union in organizing and expanding the guerilla movement in a number of East-European countries, in helping these countries to form military units on Soviet territory and providing the latter with weapons, ammunition and high-skilled specialists. The military co-operation of the Soviet Armed Forces with the armies of East-European countries is viewed by the authors as a natural phenomenon determined by the liberating character of the struggle, by the community of their aims and by the noble principles of internationalism.

S. V. BARANOV. The Rising Technical Equipment of the Soviet Armed Forces in the Years of the Great Patriotic War

Drawing on a number of documents and many other sources, the author illustrates the multiform activity of the Communist Party and the Soviet government aimed at adapting the country's war economy for effectively repelling the forces of aggression, establishing 9 highly efficient and smoothly operating war economy, organizing military production and supplying troops with powerful weapons and other war materiel.

The author highlights the aims, objectives and specific features of the wartime policy pursued by the Communist Party and the Soviet state in the sphere of military technology and shows how this policy was carried into practical effect. Citing extensive factual material, the article shows the vast-scale technical re-equipment of the multi-million army in the course of the war, the influence exerted by the growing technical equipment of the armed forces on altering their organizational structure, on developing the art of warfare, the methods and forms of conducting military operations. The author effectively proves the hollowness of the views put forward by the bourgeois falsifiers on these questions and draws a number of conclusions on the fundamental advantages enjoyed by the Soviet military economy over the capitalist war economy.

L. P. ALISOVA. Certain Aspects of the Heroic Defence of Moscow

Drawing on many archive documents and literary sources, the author examines certain aspects of the defence of Moscow in November 1941, devoting chief attention to the pre-emptive counter-blows dealt by the armies of the Western Front in the areas of Serpukhov and Skirmanovo, which thwarted the nazi plans to encircle the Soviet troops defending the capital in a double ring, thereby determining, parallel with other factors contributing to the great victory in the Battle of Moscow, the failure of the offensive mounted by the nazi armies in November 1941

S. I. VISKOV, V. D. KULBAKIN. Bourgeois Historiography of the German Question During the Occupation of Germany (1945 - 1949)

The article briefly characterizes the main trends in American, British and West- German bourgeois historiography of the German question during the four-power occupation of Germany (1945 - 1949). The authors' attention is focussed on closely analyzing the evaluation given by many bourgeois researchers to the experience of wartime co-operation between the Soviet Union and capitalist countries. The authors come to the conclusion that in bourgeois historical literature, publications and memoirs, notably in many works belonging to the liberal-critical trend, one can find abundant evidence in favour of recognizing that the Yalta and Potsdam agreements contained a programme for the joint solution of the German question. As a result of the Western occupation powers' departure from these agreements the Allied decisions on the German question, from the viewpoint of the prospects of postwar co-operation, offer an example of lost opportunities (not through the fault of the U.S.S.R.) in the sphere of promoting collective efforts aimed at establishing stable international relations.

стр. 222

E. S. SHEVCHENKO. Alliance for Peace

The article traces the history of the formation of the Warsaw Treaty Organization - the political and military alliance of European socialist states - and examines the principal landmarks of is activity. The author closely analyzes the political, legal and military aspects of the activity carried on by the Warsaw Treaty Organization, describing its basic functions and a ms. The article traces the long historical period of time from the cold war unleashed by the imperialist powers in the postwar years to our days.

The twenty-year record of the Organization's activity, its struggle for peace and security in Europe, for disarmament and relaxation of international tension are examined by the author against the background of the history of NATO and other Western military-political groupings which prevent the implementation of the peace proposals advanced by the socialist countries. The article analyzes the marked tendency of the Warsaw Treaty Organization to develop from a military organization for the maintenance of European peace and security into a militaryi-political alliance of the fraternal socialist states.

The authoi cites extensive factual data to show the invaluable contribution made by the Warsaw Treaty Organization to the relaxation of international tension.



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