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I. I. ORLIK. The Strengthening of the World Socialist Community

The author examines the main problems of promoting united action by the countries of the socialist community in the 1970's and the outstanding role played by the U.S.S.R. in this process. Drawing on his analysis of extensive factual material, notably the most important documents of the CPSU and other fraternal parties, the author clearly indicates in his article the main trends in strengthening the ideological and political unity of the socialist countries, developing and deepening economic integration, jointly carrying on indefatigable activity in the international arena in the interests of peace and socialism, and combating bourgeois ideology. The author makes a point of stressing that the constant improvement and perfection of the various links binding the socialist countries results in the systematic expansion and deepening of their mutual relations and gives rise to new forms of co-operation. The active role played by the Soviet Union in this cooperations is a cardinal factor in promoting and further developing international relations of the new, socialist type.

N. I. SHEKHOVTSOV. Liberation of the Peoples of Europe from Fascism-An Historic Feat Performed by the Soviet Army in the Great Patriotic War

The article sheds light on certain aspects of the internationalist policy steadfastly pursued by the CPSU and the Soviet government [during the second world war, laying particular stress on the decisive role played by the Soviet Armed Forces in breaking the backbone of fascism and on the great liberating mission performed by the Soviet fighting man in delivering the peoples of Europe and Asia from the fascist aggressors. The author shows the immense assistance rendered by the Soviet people and their army to the liberation movement in European countries and the active participation of Soviet citizens in the Resistance movement. The article convincingly refutes the slanderous allegations spread by bourgeois falsifiers of the history of World War II.

JAN PLEVA. The International Significance of the Slovak National Uprising

The Slovak National Uprising of 1944, the author writes, laid the beginning for the national democratic revolution in Czechoslovakia. It brought into being a new pattern of relations between the Czechs and the Slovaks and laid the groundwork for the Marxist-Leninist solution of the national question in Czechoslovakia based on the complete equality of the Czechs and the Slovaks. The Slovak National Uprising was an integral part of the international struggle waged by the Communists and all democratic forces against fascism. The article describes the military aid extended by the Soviet Union to the Slovak insurgents and substantiates the thesis that the Czechoslovak peoples were able to achieve their liberation only by joining forces with the Soviet Army in the common struggle against the brown plauge.

A. A. LEVSKY. The Rebuilding of Byelorussia's Villages During the Postwar Period

The article points out that at a time when a sizable proportion of the population in Byelorussia was left homeless and without shelter, the provision of destitute families with housing became not only an important economic task but acquired major political significance, directly determining the rate of rehabilitating the war-ravaged economy of this Soviet republic. In this respect the experience of Byelorussia is in many ways typical of the other parts of the country that were temporarily occupied by the nazi invaders. Drawing on concrete factual material, the author shows the strenuous effort made during the war and in the postwar period to overcome the formidable difficulties involved in rebuilding the destroyed housing facilities in the rural communities. The article emphatically

стр. 222

stresses that the successful solution of this extremely complicated task in Byelorussia in an amazingly brief period of time became possible thanks to the socialist system, the farsighted policy pursued by the Communist Party and the Soviet government, and the fraternal assistance rendered by the working people of the other Soviet republics.

L. N. NEZHINSKY. The Three Decades Encompassing a Whole Epoch

The article traces the historic path traversed by the Hungarian People's Republic during the postwar decades. The author analyzes the significance of the country's liberation from fascism for the future of the Hungarian people. A conspicuous place is devoted in the article to analyzing the results achieved by the working people of Hungary in the building of socialism under the leadership of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party. In conclusion the author briefly sums up the results of the Eleventh Congress of the Hungarian Communists recently held in Budapest.

V. V. ZHURKIN. Evolution of the U. S."Crisis Policy" and "Crisis Diplomacy"

The article examines the evolution of U. S. policy in international crisis situations over the period from the termination of the second world war to the launching by the United States of its massive intervention in Indo-China. The author stresses that at the root of this evolution lay the contradiction between the tendency to resort to force and the factors obstructing this tendency, notably the constantly changing global alignment of forces. Particular attention is devoted in the article to analysis of the American military-political doctrines put forward in the 1940's-1960's, which formulated the U. S. approach to international political crises.



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