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N. N. DEMOCHKIN. The Great October Revolution and the Birth of Soviet Socialist Democracy

The article graphically shows how the establishment of the proletarian state as a result of the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the emergence of new democratic institutions expressing the will of the working people, the enlistment of rank-and-file workers and peasants in the work of administering the affairs of state and society brought into being a new type of Soviet socialist democracy. Citing a wealth of factual data, the author examines the process of the rise and development of Soviet socialist democracy, disclosing its nature and social essence and emphasizing its advantages over bourgeois democracy. It is stressed in the article that the new draft Constitution of the U.S.S.R. importantly contributes towards further extending and deepening socialist democracy.

P. E. LYUBAROV. Protest Manifestations Organized by Trade Workers and Office Employees in Russia in 1905

The article examines the movement of the proletariat employed in the sphere of trade (service personnel engaged in trading establishments, warehouses and offices) in the period of the rise of the first Russian revolution. The author graphically shows how the trade workers - one of the proletarian contingents which for a number of objective reasons is politically underdeveloped and poorly organized - were drawn into the struggle against the tsarist autocracy and the bourgeoisie under the impact of the powerful movement of industrial workers. By joining the ranks of the industrial proletariat under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party, the trade workers went through their first school of political struggle in 1905.

Y. M. KUKUSHKIN. The Portuguese Communists' Appraisal of the Significance and Cause of the Great October Socialist Revolution

The article examines the view shared by the Communists and progressive historians of Portugal concerning the role played by the Great October Socialist Revolution in the history of the Portuguese people's liberation struggle. The author acquaints his readers with the assessment given to the events in Russia in the Portuguese, press, with the attitude of the Portuguese labour organizations to these events. Prime importance is attached in the article to the appraisal of the experience of the October Revolution and of the Soviet people's historic services given in the Communist press, in the documents of the Portuguese Communist Party and in numerous statements made by its leaders.

L. N. TOROPOV. The Soviets of Soldiers' Deputies Formed in Central Russia in 1917

The article traces the emergence and activity of Soviets of Soldiers' Deputies in Central Russia in 1917. Drawing on archive records and literary sources, the author analyzes the social arid party composition of the Soviets of Soldiers' Deputies, the active participation of these organs of state power in the country's political life, the prominent part played by the Bolsheviks in the formation and activity of the Soviets of Soldiers' Deputies. The article contains a table with summarized data on the formation of the Soviets with the participation of military deputies in Central Russia in 1917, compiled on the basis of published and archive data.

M. I. ORLOV, I. Y. ANDROSOV. The Problem of West Berlin in International Relations (1945 - 1975)

The. authors disclose the significance of the problem in three aspects: the striving of the F.R.G. ruling circles unlawfully to draw West Berlin within the bounds of West Germany; the attempts of international reaction to turn West Berlin into an outpost of the imperialist camp spearheaded against the socialist countries; the struggle of the U.S.S.R., the G.D.R. and the other socialist countries for the recognition of West Berlin as an independent political entity and for the solution of the problem in a legal and democratic way. The article is based on extensive German, Soviet and other literature as well as authentic documents and periodical publications. The authors believe that the quadripartite agreement on West Berlin has laid a solid foundation for converting the city from a source of controversy into a constructive element of peace and detente.



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