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V. P. DMITRENKO. The Emergence of the Developed Socialism Concept in the USSR.

The article deals with the main stages of the elaboration of the teaching on developed socialism as the highest socialist stage. The author reveals the role of the founders of Marxism-Leninism in substantiating the development of socialism by stages, the contribution of Lenin and the CPSU in the teaching on the transitional period and early socialism as two primary socialist stages. The article analyses the objective regularities of the USSR's entry into a new development stage, of the process of the direct elaboration of the developed socialism teaching, substantiation by Soviet social scientists of its historical place, its prerequisites and the law-governed patterns, specific features of its construction and improvement, principal features and tasks in various fields of social life. The author underlines connection between the theory and practice of socialist construction, the significance of the developed socialism conception for the elaboration of the teaching on socialism and communism as a whole.

V. P. KOZLOV. The Lay of Igor's Host in I. P. Elagin's Experiment in Narrating About Russia.

The author discusses the circumstances of the appearance of a voluminous work on Russian history written by I. P. Elagin in late 18th century. Elagin, who belonged to A. I. Musin-Pushkin's circle, was the first to use the Lay of Igor's Host as a historical source. References to the poem are to be found in the unpublished part of Elagin's work now kept at the Saltykov-Shchedrin Stale Public Library in Leningrad, which supports, according to Kozlov, an opinion that the Lay was acquired by Musin-Pushkin in 1792.

Yu. N. AFANASYEV. The Past and Present of the Nouvelle Histoire.

The traditions of the Annales school and its founders, M. Bloch and L. Febvr, are being consistently developed within the Nouvelle Histoire framework. Its essentially broader range of problems, more precise methods of analysis greatly contributed to enlarging the body of historical knowledge. F. Braudel, C. Mazoric, G. Duby, J. Le Goff among other historians of La Nouvelle Histoire school widely draw on the best traditions of the Annales. However, the last fifteen years have seen some negative developments as well such as: revision of some traditional propositions and conceptions, increased doubts in the possibility of an objective historical knowledge, excessive interest in a form and subjective idealism. Some scholars, F. Furent, E. Le Roy, Ladurie, P. Veyne among others even resorted to anti-Marxist pronouncements.

Yu. M. IVANOV. The Developing Countries: Problems of the Capitalist Evolution of Town and Countryside.

The author takes as his subject the developing countries as seen from the point of view of the evolution of the town-countryside relations. On the international scene the relations between the developing and developed capitalist countries as the "town- countryside" relations have long become an anachronism, which, on the one hand, are

стр. 189

being eliminated, while on the other, are being preserved by multinationals. This provides a fertile soil for contradictions between the imperialist states and Asian, African and Latin American countries. On the domestic scene, changes in the evolution of the developing countries have led to the growing role of the town and the political significance of the urban strata in contrast to the decisive role of the countryside at the previous development stages. The present transitional state from the dependent to independent condition has given rise to a tense social situation fraught with conflicts and conflagrations caused by the struggle between the old and new tendencies born of the motion of the town-countryside antithesis.

N. M. TRAVKINA. Congress and the US Militarist Course of the 1980s.

The author considers the domestic political factors which have influenced Ronald Reagan's military and financial policy during his first three years in power. She uses concrete material - Congress' debates and decisions on military expenditures for 1982 - 1983 - to demonstrate the role of the legislative power in intensifying war preparations of the United States.

стр. 190


Problems of History, N 8, 1984

Articles: V. P. Dmitrenko. The Emergence of the Developed Socialism Concept in the USSR; V. P. Kozlov. The Lay of Igоr's Host in I. P. Elagin's Experiment in Narrating About Russia; Yu. N. Afanasyev. The Past and Present of the Nouvelle Histoire; Yu. M. Ivanov.The Developing Countries: Problems of the Capitalist Evolution of Town and Countryside; N. M. Travkina. Congress and the US Militarist Course of the 1980s; Historical Essays: I. A. Dyakonova. Tsarist Russia- Kaizer Germany Separate Contacts during the First World War; E. A. Ivanyan. How Reagan Got into the White House. Historical Science in the USSR and Abroad. Surveys: V. I. Durnovtsev, V. A. Muravyev. Scientific Collections of Historians from the Lumumba Peoples Friendship University; G. I. Zvereva.Problems of Scottish History in Scottish Historical Review. Book Reviews: R. A. Belousov. Historical Experience in the Planned Management of Soviet Economy; K. A. Morozov. Karelia in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945; Siberian Working Class in the Period of Socialist Construction (1917 - 1937); Theory of the Socio-Economic Structure; Methodological and Philosophical Problems of History; O. F. Solovyev. International Imperialism - an Enemy of the Revolution in Russia; M. E. Orlova. The British Working Class and the Liberation Struggle of the Irishmen. Scientific Notes. Facts. Events. People. Articles in Soviet and Foreign Historical Journals. New Books in the USSR and Abroad.


de la revue "Questions d'histoire ", N 8. 1984

Articles: V. P. Dmitrenko. La formation de la conception du socialisme developpe en U.R.S.S.; V. P. Kozlov. "Le Dit d'lgor" dans "l'Experience de narration sur la Russie " par I. P. Elaguine ; You. N. Afanassiev. La "Nouvelle histoire" francaise hier et aujourd'hui; You. M. Ivanov. Les pays en developpement: problemes de l'evolution capitaliste des relations entre la ville et la campagne; N. M. Travkina. Le Congres et la politique militariste des Etats-Unis dans les annees 80. Apercus historiques: I. A. Diakonova. Les contacts separes entre la Russie tsariste et l'Allemagne de kaiser au cours de la Premiere Guerre mondiale ; E. A. Ivanian. Comment Reagan s'est trouve a la Maison-Blanche. La science historiqueen U.R.S.S. et a l'etranger. Revues: V. I. Dournovtsev, V. A. Mouraviev. Les recueils scientifiques prepares par les historiens d'Universite Patrice Lumumba de l'amitie des peuples; G. I. Zvereva. Les problemes de l'histoire d'Ecosse vus par" Scottish Historical Review". Cornptes rendus des livres: R. A. Belooussov. L'experience historique de la gestion planifiee de l'economie de l'U.R.S.S. ; K. A. Morozov. La Carelie pendant la Grande Guerre nationale (1941 - 1945) ; La classe ouvriere de Siberie dans la periode de l'edification du socialisme (1917 - 1937); La theorie de la formation economique et sociale; Les problemes philosophiques et methodologiques de l'histoire; O. F. Soloviev. L'imperialisme international, ennemi de la revolution en Russie ; M. E. Orlova. La classe ouvriere de Grande-Bretagne et la lutte liberatrice du peuple iriandais. Notes scientifiques. Faits. Evenements. Hоmmes. Articles dans les revues historiques sovietiques et etrangeres. Nouveaux livres en U.R.S.S. et a l'etranger.

стр. 191


revista "Cuestiones de historia" N. 8, 1984

Articuos: V. P. Dmitrenko. Proceso de formacion de la concepcion del socialismo desarrollado en la URSS; V. P. Kozlov. "Canto a las huestes del principe Igor" en "Experiencias de la narracion sobre Rusia", de I. P. Elaguin; Yu. N. Afanasiev. Ayer у hoy de "La nueva ciencia historica" francesa; Yu. M. Ivanov. Paises en desarrollo: problemas de la evolucion capitalista en las relaciones de la ciudad y el campo; N. M. Travkina. El Congreso y el rumbo militarista de EE.UU. en los anos 80. Ensауоs historicos: I. A. Diakonova.Contactos por separado de Rusia zarista у Alemania de kaiser en la Primera Guerra Mundial; E. A. Ivanian. Como resulto Reagan en la Casa Blanca. Ciencia historica en la U.R.S.S. y en el exterior. Resumenes: V. I. Durnovtsev, V. A. Muraviov. Recopilaciones cientificas de los historiadores de la Urriversidad P. Lumumba de Amistad de los Pueblos; G. I. Zvereva. Problemas de la historia de Escocia en "Scottish Historical Review". Resenas de libros : R. A. Belousov. Experiencia historica de la direccion planificada de la economia de la URSS; K. A. Morozov. Carelia er los anos de la Gran Guerra Patria (1941 - 1945); La clase obrera de Siberia en el periodo de la construccion del socialismo (1917 - 1937); Teoria de la formacion socioeconomica; Problemas metodologicos у filosoficos de la historia; O. F. Soloviov. El imperialismo internacional, enemigo de la revolucion en Rusia; M. E. Orlova. La clase obrera de Gran Bretana y la lucha liberadora del pueblo iriandes. Notas cientificas. Hechos. Sucesos. Hombres. Articulos en las revistas historicas sovieticas y extranjeras. Nuevos libros en la URSS y en el exterior.



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