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KHAJI MURAT IBRAQIMBEILI. The Collapse of the Caucasian Plans of Hitler Germany

The author analyses the military and political events connected with the battle fur the Caucasus, its defensive and offensive stages, the victory of the Soviet Armed Forces and its military and political significance, the role of the Communist Party and the unity of the Caucasian nations and nationalities. He demonstrates how the fascist "Caucasian experiment" aimed at fanning contradictions between the Russians of the region and the local population failed, and shows the place of the victory among the events of the Great Patriotic (1941 - 1945) and the Second World War.

V. V. LOZHKIN. The Composition of Workers-Social Democrats and Their Role In the Creation of the Leninist Party

The author analyses data obtained through his information- retrieval system containing information on 5,000 participants in the Russian Social Democratic movement between 1883 and 1904. He has established the occupational and age-and-sex composition of workers-revolutionaries, members of Social Democratic organisations and their territorial distribution. The article convincingly demonstrates that the Russian proletariat headed by Lenin was active in the creation of the Bolshevik Party and comprised its majority. This refutes the allegation of some bourgeois authors on its purely "intellectual" membership.

P. P. CHERKASOV. French Colonialist Policy in the Second World War

The intensification of colonial exploitation coupled with the weakening of economic ties with the colonies during the Second World War brought about the decline of French political prestige and the upsurge of the national-liberation movement. In 1940 - 1945 steps were taken towards a structural reform of the colonial empire going through a deep political crisis with the aim of saving the foundations of French colonial domination over its overseas territories through a change of the "empire" into a "union" and a partial concession to the colonial peoples' just demands.

V. E. NEVLER. Guiseppe Garibaldi - A Great Fighter for People's Freedom and Peace

The author writes that from his young years Garibaldi was a consistent supporter of people's struggle for freedom and independence. He hated the war and of ten said that had it not been for people's sufferings he would have never taken up arms. An ardent supporter of the First International he emphasised the significance of its orientation towards friendship between peoples and against militarism. He exposed the predatory colonialist policy of the capitalist powers.

стр. 190


"Problems of History", No. 7, 1983

June 1983 Plenum of the CC CPSU. Articles: Khaji Murat Ibragimbeili. The Collapse of the Caucasian Plans of Hitler Germany; V. V. Lozhkin. The Composition of Workers- Social Democrats and Their Role in the Creation of the Leninist Party; P. P. Cherkasov.French Colonialist Policy in the Second World War: V. E. Nevler. Guiseppe Garibaldi- A Great Fighter for People's Freedom and Peace. Publications: Documents Relating to the History of the Georgievsk Treaty (Introduced and Commented by Yu. P. Kardashev and M. R. Ryzhenkova). Historical Essays: G. Kh. Troska. Estonian Countryside in tile 19th Century. Historical Science in the USSR and Abroad: Book Reviews: Sailors in the Struggle for Soviet Power in the North (1917 - 1920). Collection of Documents; A. D. Malyavsky. Peasant Movement in Russia in 1917 (from March to October); R. G. Skrynnikov. Ermak's Siberian Expedition; V. V. Maiorov. The USA and Africa. The Place of Economic "Aid" in the Neocolonialist Strategy; E. B. Kovalev. Latin America: Agrarian Reforms and Economic Development; D. K. Shelestov. Demography: History and the Present Day; Z. K. Sokolovskaya. Biographies of 300 Scientists. On the Books in the "Scientific-Biographical Literature" Series. 1959 - 1980. A Bibliographic Handbook; Deutsche Democraten. Die nichtproletarischen demokratischen Krafte in der deutschen Geschichte 1830 bis 1945. (Berlin); James L. Sundquist. The Decline and Resurgence of the Congress. (Washington). Facts, Events, People. Articles in Soviet and Foreign Historical Journals. New Books in the USSR and Abroad.


de la revue "Questions d'histoire " N 7, 1983

La session pleniere ( de juin 1983) du C.C du P.C.U.S. Articles: Khadji Mourat Ibraguimbeili . L'echec des plans de l'Allemagne hitlerienne au Caucase; V. V. Lojkine . La composition des sociaux-democrates ouvriers et leur role dans la creation du parti leniniste; P. P. Tcherkassov. La politique coloniale de France au cours de la Seconde Guerre mondiale; V. E. Nevler . Giuseppe Garibaldi, combattant pour la liberte des peuples et pour la paix. Ecrits in edits: Documents se rapportant a l'histoire de la conclusion du Traite de Gueorguievsk (Article liminaire et notes par You. P. Kardachev et M. R. Ryjenkov ). Apercus historiques: G. Kh. Troska . La campagne estonienne du XIX e siecle. La science historique en U.R.S.S. et a l'etranger. Comptes rendus: Les marins militaires en combat pour Ie pouvoir des Soviets dans Ie Nord (1917 - 1920). Recueil des documents; A. D. Maliavinski. Le mouvement paysan en Russie en 1917 (mars-octobre); R. G. Skrynnikov. L'expedition siberienne de lermak; V. V. Maiorov. Les Etats-Unis et l'Afrique. L' "aide" economique dans la strategic du neocolonialisme ; E. V. Kovalev. L'Amerique latine : reformes agraires et developpement economique; D. K. Chelestov. La demorgaphie: l'histoire et I'epoque contemporaine; Z. K. Sokolovskai'a. 300 biographies des savants. Sur les livres de la collection " Publications biographiques seientifiques" . 1959 - 1980. Repertoire biobibliographique; Democrates allemands. Les forces democratiques non proletariennes dans l'histoire allemande. 1830 - 1945 (Berlin); J. L. Sundquist. Le declin et la resurrection du Congres (Washington). Faits, evenements, horames. Articles dans les revues historiques sovietiques et etrangeres. Nouveaux livres en U.R.S.S. et a l'etranger.

стр. 191


revista "Cuestiones de historia" N 7, 1983

El Pleno de junio (1983) del CC del PCUS. Articulos: Jadzhi Murat Ibraguimbeili. Fracaso de los planes de la Alemania hitleriana en el Caucaso; V. V. Lozhkin. La composicion de los obreros socialdemocratas у su papel en la formacion del partido leninista; P. P. Cherkasov. La politica colonialista de Francia en los anos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial; V. E. Nevler. Giuseppe Garibaldi, luchador por la libertad de los pueblos y la paz. Publicaciones: Docurnentos sobre la historia de concertar el Tratado de Queorguievskaia (Introduccion y comentarios de Yu. P. Kardashov y M. R. Rizhenkov). Ensayos historicos: G. H. Troska. La aldea estonia del siglo XIX. Ciencia historica en la URSS у en el exterior. Resenas: Los rnarinos de guerra en lucha por el Poder de los Soviets en el Norte (1917 - 1920). Recopilacion de documentos; A. D. MaUavski. El movimiento campesino en Rusia en 1917 (marzo-octubre); R. G. Skrinnikov. Expedicion siberiana de Ennak; V. V. Mayorov. EE.UU, y Africa. La "ayuda" economica en la estrategia del neocolonialismo; E. V. Kovaliov. America Latina: las reformas agrarias y el desarrollo economico; D. K. Shelestov. Dernografia: la historia у la actualidad; Z. K. Sokolovskaia. 300 biografias de cientificos. Sobre los libros de la serie "Literatura cientifico-biografica". 1959 - 1980. Guia biobibliografico; Deutsche Demokraten. Die nichtproletarischen demokratischen Krafte in der deutschen Geschichte 1830 bis 1945, (Berlin); James L. Sundquist. The Decline and Resurgense of Congress. (Washington) Hechos, acontecimientos, persona s. Articulos en las revistas historicas sovieticas y extranjeras. Nuevos libros en la URSS y en el exterior.



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